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Air quality has continued to deteriorate in the past few years. Climate change further aggravates the situation as world temperature continues to rise due to heavy pollution from forest fire and release of harmful chemicals onto the air. We have to pay the price of failing health because of irresponsible people who continue to pollute the air.

Shocking findings reported by South China Morning Post revealed that pollutants level is 1250% higher indoors compared to outdoors. The main contributor of pollutants indoors comes from perfumes, chemicals from cleaning products, and smoke from cooking. Lack of ventilation further concentrates the pollutants that may cause serious health issues after prolonged inhalation.

Some may experience nausea, headache, coughing, skin problems, and difficulty in breathing. In severely polluted areas such as China, research has shown that estimated 1.6 million people die annually due to heart, lung, and stroke problem triggered from air pollution. Most are aware that smoking cigarettes kills, but what is more alarming is that people who inhale second-hand smoke are also more likely to die.

The risk is especially high on people who live in the same household or close vicinity with someone who smokes. With all these health risk we are exposed to daily, something needs to be done to ensure we can live a better quality life and get protected from harmful pollutants.

Some noble ideas were created by people in order to improve indoor air quality. One example is placing potted plants indoor with the hope that it can absorb the pollutants. Plants such as Peace Lily and Spider plant is not only esthetically pleasing, but it is also a great way to clean the air.

However, despite its effectiveness, it may not be enough to make a significant impact on our health considering the severity of the pollution in our environment. Pollution in the macro environment may be somehow out of our control because of people continuously releasing pollution to the environment.

But we can definitely control the air quality inside our enclosed environment by placing an air purifier. It will be a faster and more effective approach for better air quality. Perhaps some may have concerns on the budget because most of advanced air purifiers usually has a high price. In this article, we will look into a device which is sold at an affordable price. A good quality air purifier doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, what’s important is that it does the work proficiently.

Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier is a durable 3-speed air purifier suitable for many households that’s looking for a budget air purifier. This air purifier provides maximum protection for room size 110 square feet at a very affordable price of less than $38. The machine functions by drawing air from the area and into the device.

Then it will pass through HEPA filter to trap particles sized 2 micron and above. Particles which are 2 microns and above in size, such as pet dander, dusts and pollens are effectively trapped into the filter. The filter which is made from activated carbon can effectively remove bad odor from the environment such as smoke or harmful chemical smell.

After the filtering is done, the device will then release the clean air to the area. The options for 3-speed function enables users the choice to control the ventilation level in the room. This small size unit able to function in two different positions therefore you can conveniently place the device according to your desired location.

The disadvantage about this device is that the filter is not able to filter particles which are smaller than 2 micron. This means that microorganisms such as germs and bacteria may not get eliminated though this device. Next disadvantage is that the filter is not made from True HEPA material, instead just a HEPA-like filter.

The difference between True HEPA and HEPA-like material is that the former guarantees to be able to filter 99.97% particulates 0.3 micron and above.  It is also not equipped with fancy UV light that functions to kills germs, bacteria, and molds from further replication. Hence it is more suitable for people who are merely seeking cleaner air without concern on eliminating germs or bacteria from the environment.

This device is suitable for everyone who is seeking for an economically-priced device for their room. Although it may not have the best feature and function as compared to the premium models, it definitely does a good job cleaning up the air from undesirable pollutants. You just need to remember to change the filter according to manufacturer’s instruction for optimum performance.

We spend majority of our lives indoors, whether inside a house or office. That’s why we should seriously consider ways to improve the air quality within the confined space that we live in.

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