About The Wiser Buyer

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The Wiser Buyer is an initiative to provide well researched reviews for a wide variety of products.

In 2016, online sales comprised of 9% of total retail in the United States. The percentage of online retail is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.

The Internet is also the world’s largest repository of information and many consumers conduct product research online to help in their purchasing decisions.

However information on the Internet is spread out all over the world wide web and it can take considerable time and effort to sift through.

Having been through and trained many university students, we realized that the research and writing skills required to write academic papers can be applied to creating useful online content. A writer with research skills is able to effectively reference a variety of online sources such as manufacturer websites, industry news, professional and customer reviews. The compiled information can then be curated and edited into pieces of content that are well organized, easily accessible and provide pertinent points to help readers make informed buying decisions about various products.