Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Content Ownership and Use

Any Content submitted to The Wiser Buyer (TWB) will become our property. We have no obligation to retain any Content sent to us. While TWB may use the Content, it also has the right to erase, delete, throw away, dispose of or destroy any Content sent to us in any format without notice.

TWB will decide in its sole discretion what Content to use or not use. TWB makes no promise or guarantee that any Content sent to us will be used in any manner. However, if Content is used, you grant TWB (which includes any and all affiliates, agents, contractors, licensees, sub-licensees, subsidiaries or any third party who obtains the Content from TWB) a worldwide, in perpetuity, non revocable, royalty free, assignable, sub-licensable right to use your name, biographical information and likeness, as well as the name, biographical information and likeness of any other person, whether they be a minor or adult, who appears in the Content, in any and all manners as determined solely by TWB. For purposes of illustration but not limitation, such uses may be for internal purposes, posting on a web site, and marketing, advertising, and promotion of products, merchandise, goods or services in any and all media whether now known or hereafter invented. You will have no right of review and will not be paid any additional consideration or fees as a result of the usage. You hereby warrant and represent that you have the right to grant this license on your own behalf and on the behalf of any person (adult or minor) who appears in the Content as well.

Further, you hereby irrevocably in perpetuity, assign any and all rights (Intellectual Property and other) to the Content including copyrights which you or any third party might hold to TWB. You understand that by the grant of such rights, TWB is considered the owner of all rights in the Content and may do what it desires with the Content without any further consent being required from you or any third party. You warrant and represent that you are the copyright owner of the Content or have acquired the necessary rights from the copyright owner to grant this assignment of right and that the consent of any other person or entity is not required. Furthermore, by granting any of the rights set out above, the rights of any other person or entity are not being violated.