Air Purifier vs Air Humidifier


As air quality further deteriorates, people are seeking ways to improve the air indoors. Whether to control health problems such as respiratory diseases or asthma from getting worse or just simply wanting to improve the quality of life.

If you are one of them, you are most likely considering on getting an electronic appliance that will be able to clean the air but are torn about not knowing whether to purchase an air purifier or an air humidifier. This article will be able to provide a clearer explanation and differentiate an air purifier and an air humidifier with the hope to help you make a better choice in getting something that will suit your needs.

Air purifiers and air humidifiers are very similar because it both alters the indoor air quality to provide a more comfortable environment. Air purifiers function by continuously drawing air from the area and clean it by trapping particles from the air using a filter. The filtered air will then be released onto the environment.

The advantage of air purifiers is that you will be able to breathe in clean air that are free from harmful particles such as dust, pollens, pet dander, germs, and bacteria. Different models of air purifiers consists of filters made from different materials. The higher price ranged air purifiers normally comes with a HEPA filter while the lower ranged ones will be fitted with a HEPA-like filter or a normal filter.

Some will also have additional functions such as activated carbon filter which works to absorb unpleasant odors, and a UV light to kill harmful germs and bacteria. The disadvantages of air purifiers is that it requires regular maintenance such as changing the HEPA filter and also the activated carbon filter every 6 to 8 months. This will incur additional long term cost since the maintenance needs to be done as long as you are using the device.

Air humidifiers emit mist of water vapor into the area to increase its humidity. This is especially beneficial for places that are experiencing dry or winter seasons where humidity is very low. Room humidity should be kept within 30% to 50%. It would be too dry if humidity falls below 30%.

When an area’s humidity is very low, it will cause skin to dry which will encourage bacterial growth. It also contributes to respiratory problems such as cold, sinusitis or coughing. Dry weather also makes people experience difficulty in breathing. Air humidifiers not only help make people feel comfortable, they also protect the house and furniture from damage due to cracking.

You can add your favorite perfume or essential oil to an air humidifier to eliminate odor and to freshen up the room. Care must be taken in making sure to control humidity levels to avoid the environment becoming too humid because it will encourage mold and dust mites to grow, which is why ventilation is very important.

The risk of bacterial growth is not limited to when the air is humid, there is also a risk of bacterial growth in the water inside the humidifier, therefore the water should be changed every 2 days and the container thoroughly cleaned. Air humidifiers can get very hot because they contain a heating element that is used to vaporize water, so you should place them out of the reach of children.

Air purifiers and air humidifiers actually function differently but have a similar objective, which is to improve air quality. The selection of which to purchase greatly depends on your own needs. If you have medical conditions such as allergies, asthma or sinus problems, then an air purifier will be the best choice.

It has the ability to trap particles as small as 0.3 micron hence creating clean air suitable for anyone with respiratory sensitivity, babies and older folks. However if you are living in an environment that is very low in humidity, then an air humidifier will be the better option.

If you want both clean, filtered air and need to increase humidity, then you might need both an air purifier and humidifier.

There are also some models which combined the two in a single machine. These dual function models not only save space, they will also allow you to live in a comfortable indoor environment regardless of time and season.

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