Air purifier: Functions and health benefits


Have you ever felt that getting fresh air has become a luxury? Perhaps you are already planning for a vacation far from the city just to be away from pollution and to catch a breath of fresh air. Then you should consider getting an air purifier for your home so that you will be able to experience clean air without spending a ridiculous amount of money just to escape to the countryside.

Air purifiers are useful regardless of your condition. It is great for people with asthma or sinus problem, allergy from pets’ fur or dust. Even if the environment is clean, you can still install an air purifier to further improve your living condition.

GermGuardian AC4825 is a triple functional air purifier that provides clean air for your room. It comes with a superior True HEPA filtration as compared to a HEPA-type filter. True HEPA filters has been proven to have the ability to trap 99.97% of particles, 0.3 micron and larger while the latter does not have that guarantee.

True HEPA filter is effective in trapping particles. However, the microbes will continue to grow in the filter. Once the germs, viruses, and spores are trapped, the next thing you would want is for it to get completely destroyed. If it is kept for too long then there’s a possibility that the microorganisms will continue to grow and populate in the filter.

The GermGuardian has a UV-C whose function is to eliminate or kill bacteria, viruses, germs, and spore molds from the air. It destroys bacteria and viruses by penetrating into its cell wall and permanently damaging its DNA. The charcoal filter reduces unpleasant odor, making the air fresh. It can reduce or eliminate smell from cigarettes, smoke from cooking, and even unpleasant odor coming from pets. 

Another advantage of GermGuardian is that it is tested to have Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating of 100+. CADR is a measurement of the effectiveness to purify air from pollutants and allergens such as smoke, pollen, and dusts. This rating is created by the Association of Home Appliances Manufacturer (AHAM). The higher the value of the CADR means it is more effective in filtering pollutants from the air.

It is also ENERGY STAR certified which means that you don’t have to worry about getting a high electricity bill just to get better air quality. You can run the air purifier all day long without leaving a huge hole in your wallet. This 22-inch device provides full coverage and protection for a medium-sized room. Maintenance is also hassle-free because you only have to change the filter every 6 months.

However, be sure to use the original filter so that the machine would be able to work properly for a long time. It also operates silently, therefore you will get uninterrupted sleep even when the machine is turned on. Cleaning is also much easier when you have an air purifier because it filters out all the dust from the air.

Compared to other devices, GermGuardian also has its down side. This device only provides protection for a medium-sized room. Hence, you will need to put it in a strategic place so that it can give the widest coverage. Otherwise, you can get multiple devices for better protection.

There are also some feedback from users which says that it emits a plastic-like smell possibly from the materials used in the device. Therefore, care must be taken when placing the unit. Try to run the device continuously on the first use to eliminate all unpleasant smell from the device.

If the smell of plastic persists, do contact manufacturer’s customer service to get professional advice on alternative ways to eliminate or reduce the unpleasant smell. If the device is faulty, it may also emit bad smell hence it is important to detect any incident of overheating. Depending on the area which you place the device; the filter may clog much earlier if you place it on areas with high concentration of dust.  You may need to change the filter more often if you notice the filter gets dirty easily.

A small investment in air purifiers can help prevent many health issues and also provide a better quality of life. For those who are asthmatic, air purifier provides an alternative medicine-free therapy to reduce possible allergic reactions to the body. We can say goodbye on the dependency of inhaler or any form of medicine. Our sleep will also be much better when we rest in a clean environment. This is especially useful if you have a baby or a toddler at home because it will protect them from any harmful allergens in the air.

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